Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book Review: Underworld

Abandon Book 2: Underworld
Meg Cabot

I was gleeful to begin a new book this morning. Since I've been moving and staring a new job, I haven't had much free read time. However, this morning my computer needed to run an update, so instead of checking my email over breakfast, I started a new book - it as just the push I needed really, so thanks Apple for the update :)

Now I'm on break at work (they are pretty serious about them here) and I went to grab my book only to realize, I didn't grab it this morning!!! This is good for you because you get an update, which I've also been slacking off on, but I want to know want is happening!!!

September 20

I love that this story literally picked up right where Abandon left off. I hate it when there is a huge review ... I already read the first book, I don't need a summary of everything that happened. The book hooks you in from the moment you start reading and that is why I'm so upset that I don't have it here right now to read it!!

Alas, I'm sure I'll have more to post shortly, as soon as I get home for lunch and can get some more reading in! I cannot believe I left my book home!

I went home for my book at lunch, thank goodness I now only live 2 blocks from work :) and I was able to get some reading in. We might call it the "Persepohonie" myth, but for Pierce it is all too real. I'm not into the book 50 pages yet and Pierce did something to keep herself in the underworld forever! The poor girl is depressed, frustrated, and is on the emotional roller coaster of her life. Not to mention she is still fighting for her life since the Furies would kill her just to hurt John.

September 21

This morning I'm so sleepy, why you ask? Because I stayed up too late reading! You know how, "I'll read one chapter" ends up reading until the book is falling onto your face? Well, that was my night last night.

Normally when only a day has passed since the start of the book and I'm halfway through, I'm frustrated -- but so much is happening in a day to Pierce and John that you really aren't bored. Jumping back and forth between "our world" and the "underworld" can seem exhausting, but how do you imagine Pierce feels? There is so much going on in the Underworld and I'm excited to see how they have tried to make their lives "normal-ish" down there.

Okay, I have to go, running late to work ... hopefully I'll finish tonight :)

September 22

Dear Meg Cabot,

I truly enjoy the characters and the world that is the Abandon Trilogy. However, we need to talk. I'm anxiously reading away and suddenly the book just ends ... it just ENDED! No warning, right in the middle of the excitement! How could you do this to me!!!


Lizz the Librarian

For everyone else - the book is obviously excellent and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. However, it really does fall off in a true cliff hanger moment!! There really were no slow moments in this book, it was fantastic and I enjoyed it to the last page. I cannot wait for the next book to come out ... seriously, when does that happen??

Addendum: The third book in the Abandon series is entitled Awaken and is to be released sometime in 2013. 

If you need a little something to tide you over until the next book comes out (that doesn't really work, but a distraction is nice), check out some videos of Meg Cabot talking about John and Pierce.

Meg Cabot talking about John

Meg Cabot talking about Pierce

Completely unofficial Abandon Series Gossip: Disney purchased the rights to make this into a movie, but they are not moving forward with production at the moment. Does anyone know if this is fact or fiction?

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