Sunday, September 23, 2012

Book Review: Insurgent

Veronica Roth

GUESS WHAT I STARTED?!?!?! I guess it isn't that much of a guessing game since I've already told you ... but I am SO excited!!

Review after the jump ... if you haven't read the first book (Divergent - review here) this will contain some basic spoilers you might want to avoid! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Check out a Give Away!!

So this is purely for myself, because I get points for sharing this with all of you lovely fans! However, this book sounds like such a great one that I'd love to read it and then tell you all about it!! 

Read about it here::

McKenzie Wu, doesn’t know her great-great grandmother married an alien or that her great-great-great uncle is alive and systematically eliminating a race of beings on a tiny planet light years away—she has enough to worry about. Molecules keep rearranging themselves to suit her slightest wish, but only at the most inconvenient times. If that weren’t enough, she’s been dreaming about an accident; one she’s had no memory of until now and, if true, means McKenzie is responsible for her mother’s death.    When McKenzie stumbles upon a portal that transports her and her friend Hayes to the tiny planet of Circanthos, she learns the inhabitants believe she is the “One” destined to save them from H.G. Wells, a name that sounds strangely familiar, and his Tsendi warriors. But while her newfound ability might give her superhero status back on Earth, halfway across the galaxy it’s commonplace—all Circanthians can particle-weave—and if they can’t stop H.G. Wells, what can she hope to do?   With the portal closed and no idea how to get home, McKenzie must learn to use a power she does not want and accept her mysterious past, or risk losing everything—her father’s love, her new alien friends and the boy. 

Book Review: Underworld

Abandon Book 2: Underworld
Meg Cabot

I was gleeful to begin a new book this morning. Since I've been moving and staring a new job, I haven't had much free read time. However, this morning my computer needed to run an update, so instead of checking my email over breakfast, I started a new book - it as just the push I needed really, so thanks Apple for the update :)

Now I'm on break at work (they are pretty serious about them here) and I went to grab my book only to realize, I didn't grab it this morning!!! This is good for you because you get an update, which I've also been slacking off on, but I want to know want is happening!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Loving Tumblr: Little Victories

I know, I know ... I haven't been here, I'm so neglectful! In my defense, moving is a terrible thing! Plus I didn't have internet at my house for almost a week (seriously, I nearly died). 

However, I'm back. Although I haven't been reading much (see above), I did have time to peruse Tumblr this morning and find a great user for you all to look up. The user is Little Victories and she has collected a beautiful array of love quotes, enchanted places, darling rooms, perfect words, and, of course, great bookish tidbits for you to enjoy. Here are some pictures from her account ... but go and check her out!!