Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Review: Shadow and Bone

This book was already on my list of "to-reads" when it came into the library. But it was put in the children's department and I was confused. Is this a children's book or YA fiction? What are the differences? 

Well, as a fairly judgmental person, I was like, do I want to read this now I know it is a kid's book? Totally glad I picked it up anyway, I'm really not sure it is in the right section. Oh well, let's discuss this in the discussion comments.

November 26th
(I'd just like to point out it is my birthday and it is always so funny writing that date)

As I mentioned I didn't have a lot of faith in this book to be fantastic. However, I started it last night after I reached 43753 words in my NaNoWriMo goal :) ... the book is fantastic (this one, not the one I'm writing, I'm not sure about that one yet)!! From the first pages to page 167 (which is as far as I read last night), I'm on the edge of my seat! 

Things I want to know
1. I want to know what happened that first day in the "Before"
2. Where did the scar come from (see above?)
3. What does The Darkling look like, I mean, really look like

Things I love
1. That Alina is honest with her feelings
2. That The Darking feels like he is right in between Anikin and Darth. 
3. That it is suddenly trendy to make non-beautiful female protagonists :)

November 26th - continued

So, I finished the book in a 24 hour period of time - that is how captivating this book is.

Things I Know
1. The prologue "after" sucked, what was that all about? That does not make me excited to read the next book. That sounded dull. Everything was tied up in such a neat little package.
2. That Mal is pretty awesome and totally a teenaged boy
3. That this is a totally unique storyline, nothing is like this - but it is fantastic.

Why I Want to Read the Next Book
1. Obviously I need to see what happens to both Mal and Alina.
2. I want to know the Darkling's name
3. Does light win over darkness?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Read: The Crown of Embers

Okay, so I'm a librarian with no time to read - it really is shameful. I mean, I do read. I read picture books and hi-lo all day long. But to sit down and curl up with a great book, nope, not time for that. 

However, give me a really great book. I mean a REALLY great book, and I can't ignore it for long. I actually got this one almost two weeks ago, right when NaNoWriMo started. I decided I couldn't start reading it yet because I needed to focus on writing, not reading. 

Deep breath. I couldn't ignore it forever - plus I'm doing great on my word count - so I deserved a reward and this is such a great one!

If you haven't read book one, reading my review for book 2 will give so much away. Don't take this great adventure away from yourself, go get The Girl of Fire and Thorns now!

 The Crown on Embers
by Rae Carson

You'll remember that I devoured the first book, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, in a matter of moments. Elisa is the perfect character. She has Hermione and Katniss in her - plus some spunk of her own (this is a massive complement from me, by the way, no one is as awesome as those two girls and Elisa is a mix!). 

You'll be able to look at my reading list and notice that I don't like sequels. They are dull, unimaginative. The good stuff was the first story and everything else is extra now. This book, this book is nothing like that. From the first page I was pulled back into Elisa's world.

November 21st

I started this book over breakfast, bad plan, my cereal was completely soggy by the time I remembered it. Elisa is home and safe. It is her birthday - seventeen (did a whole year pass in the last book? nope, it has been about five months) and that deserves a parade. Trust me, Hector is concerned about her safety (awww ... heart him!) and he has every right to be, because in the first couple of pages they are attacked. Of course, and the excitement only starts there. 

The big news? Well, she might be queen, but even her council doesn't respect this from her. Instead they suggest she either step down or ... get married. They are drawing up a list of possible candidates. Bet you know who I want to be on that list :)

November 25th

I actually finished this yesterday, but maybe my shock was too much to write a blog post. I now remember why I didn't pick up the book - it is memorizing and hard to put down. I didn't take it with me on Thanksgiving to my family dinner because I didn't want to be "that girl" whose nose was in a book the whole time. Excitement on every turn, things that break your heart and things that make your heart smile.
1. I totally love Hector more than ever, especially after the beach!
2. Elisa is the strongest person I know, I'd be curing up in a ball and crying right now!
3. This book couldn't have ended better.
4. I seriously cannot wait for the second book to come out, Rae Carson, how do I get an advanced copy???? I'm dying over here!!

Hunger Games Animated Movie Poster

Hello Hunger Games fans, when I was at Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 (no judgement from any of you!), the mockingbird flashed onto the screen and my heart started to pound - a secret pre-trailer for the hunger games? You could feel the excitement in the theater as people leaned forward, eagerly anticipating the fabulousness that was about to be revealed. After a moment or two of swirrling fire the theater was in an uproar, people were booing and throwing their popcorn as the words Catching Fire, coming November 2013 came up on the screen and the whole thing was gone.

Obviously I'm not the only one who is excited about the release of the new movie. We will have to settle with the animated movie poster until there is something juicer to look at!

Check out the (source) for a cooler animated version that is protected (read, I can't share with you here) and know that it is only


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Excited for The Hobbit?

Even the most discerning of nerdy girls and guys usually love at least one franchise. I love several, but they aren't all the point. The point is -- LORD OF THE RINGS. There might be just one ring to rule them all, but there are a million fan sites, costumes, and franchise lovers out there to support it. 

One of the coolest I've seen so far is this awesome video of a guy with totally balloon talent, an understanding family, and like 40 hours of free time on his hands.

Now that is fan dedication!

Need some Hobbit themed things to obsess over between now and the movie release?

Check out this website and see what a true fangirl/fanboy looks like.
(Warning, I am very few things on this list - don't be discouraged)

This is just here because Sam is my absolute favorite character in the LOTR! A true, honest friend. 

How do you prepare for the movie? Re-read the book? Re-watch the series? Twiddle your thumbs in anticipation? I like this artwork for the film - looks appropriately dark.

Movie Trailer and the Official Website if you've missed it somehow.
I LOVE the music that plays when you open the website. It is peaceful and serene, but reminds me of how sad Froddo's journey is and how things are never the same after an adventure. 

While on the official site be sure to answer some of gollum's riddles. Just a tip, the answers are in all caps, so your guesses need to be also :)

Now, when you need a LOTR Meme (or other goodie), where do you go? I love these ones!!

And if you don't understand why I'm writing any of this ... then this one is for you :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Day 13

It is Day 13 and I have been pretty good so far. There have been two days that I've written nothing ... I can't blame it on anything but being lazy and I felt ashamed. Shame got me back into writing and I'm still ahead of my goals. Here are my stats thus far. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.
I'd read this book :)

Word Count: 24,294

Monday, November 5, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Day 5

Things are going great here on day 5. This story writes itself - it already exists, I'm just writing it down. I totally love Jenna, Elliott, and even some of the other characters a little!!

Word Count: 15,800

Friday, November 2, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Day 2

NaNoWriMo Update

It is Day 2 and I am going strong
(lol, it is only Day 2 - but I know you'll scold me if I don't keep on keeping on!)
Add me as a Writing Buddy!

The hardest thing is to not go back and rewrite. It isn't so much editing (although I fix spelling errors as I go, those squiggly red lines make me crazy), but wanting to change something as I am writing that I've already written. I'm trying to just leave myself a note that it doesn't fit in with something that happened before and hope for the best. 

Luckily my most fabulous friend has already offered to do some editing for me. Unclear passages be warned, I'm sure she is very fond of the red pen!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Na No Wri Mo Begins!!

Na No Wri Mo is the National November Writing Month where writers all over the world take the goal of 50,000 words (or set their own goal) and try to complete it in one month. 

I'd like my goal to be 80,000 words, ideally, because that is the standard length of a YA Novel. However, I also know that this is almost the impossible task as it is, so I'm shooting for 50,000!

I've "cheated" and began writing this past weekend to give myself a head start - I know that I'll be busy this month and I don't want to get discouraged!

Today I'll be working on some character sketches as well as an outline.

What I can tell you right now is that there are two characters: Jenna and Elliott. Jenna is sixteen and was back in the dinky town where she grew up for a funeral. Elliott was Jenna's brother's best friend and seeks answers above all else. 
The book is a twist on the dystopian theme that seems to be everywhere right now.

Good-bye Halloween

Halloween is my favorite Holiday out of the whole year! But, this year's day was a total bust! I got a terrible cold on Tuesday and spent all day yesterday as sniffling mess with a whisper voice. Sigh!

Fancy Nancy and Amelia Bedlia before heading out on the Bookmobile!
However, I did do my first really cool Outreach Librarian thing! I took the bookmobile (that's right, I DROVE the giant traveling library) to the After School Program in our town. All of the after school kiddos are bussed into one school that has a great space and programming for them. After my predecessor retried in January, the bookmobile stopped coming to them. Even through my foggy medicine head, the kids were SOO excited that we were back. 

Then I had such a wonderful time I almost forgot I didn't feel well!

Highlight of the day? Other than when seeing kids I've know since they were little or know because they are regular library patrons, the highlight definitely came while I was reading Cinderella Skeleton (by Robert D. San Souci).

 In afterschool club, I read stories while small groups of kids go out to the bookmobile. I was about five pages into the story when it was time for the second group, as I started to call on kids to go out, no one wanted to go (although they had ALL raised their hands about ten minutes before saying they wanted to go out and checkout books). I tried to entice them by telling them about the fun Halloween goodies we had brought along and one girl said, "I'll go out later, I really want to hear the story first." The other kids (even the boy who, at first, wouldn't even take off his Halloween Mask) were nodding in agreement. I quickly got back to the book! Who knew that storytime with a group of third thru fifth graders would be so rewarding!! 
Thank-you Robert D. San Souci for the GREAT book!!

After my busy day at the library I went straight to Fall Festival. Although I couldn't go cotton candy feeling sicky, I did get to be a costume contest judge! What little cuties were out there last night!! I love how families come as a theme and their teenage children even participate! Brilliant!!