Friday, December 30, 2016

How many books did you read?

This year was a good year of reading for me. I will have read 71 books by the turn of the new year and I'm back here to start blogging again.

2016 was such a busy year at work that my blog, right here, has been sorely neglected. Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do each night when I got home was talk about books more. Which is sad, considering it is my favorite thing. But as we settle into 2017 I look forward to some good changes and more time to do things I love (read: talk about books more ... and read more).

Anyway, finishing a quick graphic novel today brought me to an end of the 2016 Book Bingo. After four years of hosting a Book Bingo score card here on Lizz the Librarian, I've decided to take a break and do something new for 2017.

I'll still be completing a reading goal over on GoodReads and hope to read 80 books in 2017. I'll keep you updated as to what I read, if I join any reading goals, and I hope to do lots more reviews here in the coming year.

Check out the books I read this year after the jump and I'll see you as we read together in 2017!