Monday, October 8, 2012

Lack of updates and VAMPIRE DIARIES

Now, I realize I'm supposed to be reading, however I've been reading all picture books to prepare for some upcoming outreach programs and enjoying the start of fall television shows (don't judge, I didn't watch television until I had graduated from college - I'm catching up for lost time)! Even with a lack of blog posts I have still had ever climbing blog views these past few days. The culprit? This Vampire Diaries post I wrote a few months back where I compared the book to the show.

Now, all fans know that the show comes back on this Thursday, October 11th and it is going to fabulous!!!! Because I feel like reminiscing about how much better the show is than the book (and the simple fact that I NEVER get to say that) ... here is some eye candy to tide all you fans over for the next couple days.

All of these pictures are from the Official Vampire Diaries Facebook Page

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