Friday, August 24, 2012

It was the best of times ...

This really has been the best week I've had in such a long time! It was more exciting then getting into Drexel or graduation. Why? Well, the reason it two fold. The first (and, in reality, the reason everything else could even happen).

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This is not just a job, but it is the PERFECT position at my library, getting to do everything I've been dreaming of doing, with the best staff in the business, for a town a love, near my friends and family.

My title is: Children's Librarian

I will be doing outreach programing on the bookmobile and my position has an Early Childhood Literacy focus. I'll be initiating programs with a technology focus as well as working tech into the department as a whole. I am going to be planning story times and other parties for kids of all ages. I will also be helping with Summer Reading Program and collection development. 

GLEE!!! I'm seriously so excited! I'll start the position as soon as my current position is filled ... you wanna apply?

Second Announcement?


This picture is from the landlord's website ... and it is obviously dated. The house is now green, those trees are HUGE, and the awful junipers are gone. It was built in the early 1900's and has tall ceilings, great windows, and beautiful detailing throughout the house!! 

If I seem a little absent on the blog over the next few weeks - you know why :) I'll be moving and settling into a new place. However, internet is at the TOP of my list, so I'll try to keep everyone updated!

Want details about my moving experiences and decorating a new house? Check out my other blog

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