Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Review: Dance of Shadows

Dance of Shadows
by Yelena Black

I read this without following my typical review format - so I thought I'd include my book talk on this here instead. This is a sneak peak because I won't give my book talk for a few more days.

The New York Ballet Academy. Dancers spend years dreaming of what it would be like to attend. They admit the most dedicated, talented, and graceful dancers each year. That was my sister – Margaret was amazing and dedicated and passionate. Which is why I know she didn’t run away like everyone has said. It is my turn to go, I’ve been admitted and it isn’t my passion for dance that brought me – but my dedication for finding my sister.

Before I can start looking I’m pulled out of bed in the middle of the night for what I thought was a hazing. The masked dancers hold out a scalpel that we are to slice into our own feet and drag a line of blood across the practice hall floor.
Barefoot, I stepped forward. The upperclassmen closed in around me, chanting in English. You’re not good enough. You’re not worthy. The words came out low and muggy through their masks. You will never be a dancer.

They’re right, I thought, searching their hollow faces. I gripped the knife and slashed the ball of my foot. The chanting grows louder all around me, words now in French that I do not understand. They grow louder, louder, until the words pounded through my head.
Later I discover their meaning, “Run Away, Flee for your life. Save your soul.”

Only a few days later my friend goes missing. A boy who is equal parts mysterious and dreamy starts seeking me out. Our instructor goes from demanding to sadistic. I’m cast in a lead role that seems cursed. First my sister, now my friend, maybe others have disappeared too - and instead of saving them, I might be next.

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