Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review: City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls 
Cassandra Clare

June 23rd

I've started this book twice ... and Jace wasn't there ... so I put it away.
However, I really should have given it a few chapters, because thank-goodness he came back (before Chapter 3, this isn't really a spoiler, after all he is on the cover), but he is only sorta back. 

So, I'm 26% of the way through this book (I love that GoodReads figures that out for you) and it is back to the story lines that I love. Clary and Jace, Magnus, Alec, Isabelle, Simon, the werwolves (who aren't important enough to me to keep straight), parents, etc. all coming together into a mass of complications and frustrations.

Clary may be in love, but I could just shake that girl for all the brains she is currently demonstrating. Her mother is too overprotective for the fact that Clary (although dim) can obviously take care of herself, and I would have appreciated some reminder of who this overly large cast of characters are. But, I have a feeling that soon I'll be too wrapped up in the story to care.

July 30

So, over a month has passed and I haven't finished this book. Not because I've been busy. Not because I've been reading anything else. But because I can only read about four pages without getting frustrated by the poor quality of this book (especially when compared to Cassandra Clare's other works).

Read my Serious Question for Cassandra Clare Readers and jump in the conversation.

August 4

I finally finished it! It was a long and tough road, but it is done. Okay, all the frustration I've felt was all fine, all good, no problem whatsoever - because the epilogue made it all okay. It brought us back to the story and the characters we know and love. So keep reading friends it gets so much better!

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