Tuesday, March 1, 2022

What I Read: February 2022

After reading almost nothing in 2021, I'm pretty pleased I've finished 12 titles in 2022, seven of which I finished in February. Hopefully that means I'll have a great reading year. 

Here is what I read. 

1. Starflight. This book was written in 2016 and reads like exactly what we expected from a YA book in 2016. It's a solid three stars. Good read, nothing amazing. Three Stars.

2. The Project. DNF at 35%. This isn't my kind of book. I'm zero percent interested in these characters and what is going on. I keep thinking something will happen. Nothing has happened. One Star. 

3. Sing Me Forgotten. Here is the thing about a gender-swapped Phantom retelling. In Phantom of the Opera the Phantom being a man, but kind of a helpless character is a unique perspective and one I find fascinating. However, when the roles are reversed and it is a damsel in distress, the mood is just average. It's like any other fairy tale where the heroine needs someone to save her. Three Stars.

4. The Bronzed Beasts. That ending. Epically done. Exactly what I wanted after this series. Five Stars. 

5. Bright and Ruined Things. Chills. ACTUAL CHILLS at the ending. Four Stars. 

6. My Fine Fellow. Sweet, quick read. Historical YA fiction. I enjoyed it. Four Stars (probably generous). 

7. The Unhoneymooners. Secondhand embarrassment is what endears you to Olive from the first page. Three Stars. (Book Club Read)

Book I Recommend the Most: Bright and Ruined Things 

Book I Recommend the Least: Starflight, books have gotten so much better in the last six years. 

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