Thursday, April 16, 2015

Book Review: Indigo Notebook

by Laura Resau

Tweet Synopsis: World-travelers Zeeta and her mom +  a mysterious boy with an incredible talent + danger =    

Why Did I Pick It Up: It was on the bookmobile and I was looking for something new 

The Good: It is always a little refreshing to read something that is truly meant for middle grades - meaning it would be made into a movie and easily get a PG rating.

The whole storyline is unique - Zeeta travels around the world with her wanderlust inspired mom, Layla, and all she really wants is a real home, in the United States. Layla drags Zeeta to a "magical spring" early one morning where they get to make a wish ... Zeeta wishes for a real home, a normal life, and an advertisement ready family. Before any wishes come true she meets a boy with an unusual talent who is looking for his birth parents. 

The Bad: 

The fact that Zeeta speaks so many languages and is so well-rounded is a little far fetched, as is the idea that Wendell's over-protective parents sent him half-way around the world by himself. Other than being a teens dream come true, it doesn't make for a really believable story. 

The Ugly: 

This book was recommended to me as a Fantasy read, but there is very little fantasy. It is more of a reality read with a little bit of fantastical-mystery thrown in. Which is great, and made for a good book, but that wasn't what I thought I was reading. 

Who will love this book? Middle grade readers, people looking for clean fantasy books, anyone looking for a great adventure. 

How much did I like it?  6.5/10 

Will I read more? Probably not

Bingo 2015: None

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