Sunday, May 3, 2015

Book Review: The Glass Arrow

by Kristen Simmons

Top 5 Reasons I didn't finish this book

5. The cover was so promising, the description was so good, the first few pages were so intriguing. But then I was let down. I hate that. I hate looking forward to a book and having it be disappointing.

4. Show don't tell - don't tell me what is happening, show me what is happening. This is like Writing 101 (trust me, I took those classes in College).

3. "They" (society?) refers to the female reproductive system as her "baby maker" which is either totally immature or absolutely red-neck. I couldn't decide and I couldn't get over it. Gag. Usually I can adapt to whatever a new society refers to things as - but this was too wrong.

2. I had no emotional ties to any of the characters. Probably because I wasn't sure if the characters had emotions. What are they feeling? What is happening internally? Thing is, I don't even care because I don't know why I should even like these characters.

1. The writing is ... sucky. There are plot gaps, she is in solitary which I thought was like a jail cell from the description, but suddenly her "best friend" who is a wolf and we had never heard of him before, can come in and sleep next to her. How did he get in? Why doesn't she just leave if it isn't secure. Then things pop up - like deep spirituality should run throughout a book, not just pop up when nothing else is happening in a scene. It felt forced, the writing felt forced.

Full disclaimer: I read 30% of this book exactly before giving up. It is terrible. I'll never finish it. I do want to say that there are books for everyone and this just wasn't the book for me. That doesn't mean that other people won't like it and shouldn't read it. That just means that I didn't like it and won't finish it. If you love the book, feel free to comment below and sway my opinion.

Stars: 3/10

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