Monday, December 28, 2015

Book Review: The Young Elites

Why Did I Pick It Up: Our YA librarian recommended the series to me
Genre: Fantasy

Favorite Character: Enzo ... I think. It's funny that I'm usually quite drawn to characters, but in this book I enjoyed the plot more than any individual character

Suggested Age Range: Middle school and up

Romance: Yes ... plus some interesting career choices ;) 

The Good: This book was different than others I've read. I liked the "team spirit" feeling of the book, although I would have liked to get to know the other characters a little more. I liked the world building, learning how the characters get their "disease" and what the government does about it. In fact, I thought the whole book was well-written. I loved how it was a bit of a social commentary and how historical human rights groups' struggles and demonstrations were echoed in the plot of The Young Elites. 

The beginning (even up to the first third) is exciting as Adelina escapes and runs to create a new life for herself. It is a hook that really makes you not want to put the book down. I finished this book in under a day. (Well, I was listening, but still). The next two-thirds of the book you spend thinking that one of the main characters is about to make a terrible decision. Either way, the plot definitely drives the book forward and it was exciting enough to be enough. 

The Bad: Adelina reminds me of Lana Lang. For those of you who aren't familiar with my distain for the Smallville character, this isn't a good thing. She was a little to sweet and nice and perky. She was just wrong for me. Blah. I'm not sure I'll enjoy the second book which is bound to focus on her even more. 

My hope for the next book is that Adelina will end up being evil. I know that sounds terrible, but it would be a fantastic plot twist and make her character more interesting. It is just too cliched that she has these amazing powers and she is like the chosen one or something.

The Bitter Truth: The plot and world are great ... the characters are a little lacking

How much did I like it? 7/10

Will I read more? Maybe ... I've requested Rose Society, we will see how it goes

Bingo 2015: none

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