Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Hi, is this thing on?

Hi, hi hello! My last post to the blog was in February. Yes, February of this year, still it feels like an eon ago. Here is an update from my part of the world.

1. I'm desperately behind on my reading list ... there is zero chance of me making my goal. Alas.

2. I quit my job. Yep, Lizz the Librarian is, technically, no longer a librarian. At least, not one who is employed at al library.

3. I started selling LuLaRoe, which is fabulous, and leaves me so much more time to read.

I guess that's the big news from this year. I'm sure many more important things happened since February, but I can't think of one that over shadow those tidbits. So, anyway, my goals are to get back to blogging, and reading, because, wowza I'm behind. Plus, I might be changing the name of the blog, but I'm not 100% decided on that just yet.

Any who, hello to my faithful friends, I'm sure I'll be seeing you more soon <3 nbsp="" p="">

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