Friday, July 13, 2012

Here's An App You Need

Attention all Music Junkies!!

You NEED this App :) 

It is my new favorite. I love how it suggests song lists for the time of day! So much fun, you'll love it. Seriously something for everyone! Grab it today :) 

Oh, and it's free so you really aren't going to loose anything in case for some reason (are you crazy?) you don't like it.

What is your favorite type of music? I don't like to listen to very much music while I'm reading, but I do love a great song! 

There are some great songs on the playlists for "studying" and I love the choices it gives for the morning (they are things like "Waking Up" and "Energy Boost".

You can even create your own play lists (can you say FREE?) and see what your friends are listening to.

It'll also update your Facebook page to show what you're listening to, which I like because I can see my awesome trendy friend's newest favorite bands before they even tell me about them!

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