Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book Review: Chopsticks

by Jessica Anthony

July 19th

Such a speed read! This visually pleasing book is easy to speed through, but you'll want to go back more slowly and see what you've missed. Beautiful and confusing (thus the reason you'll want to pay more attention while you read). Glory is a piano prodigy who is miserable as her father moves her all over the world to play for sold out audiences.
However, her love for Frank is what keeps her going ... that and mixing "their song" into her concerts. As things move on, what is real, what isn't?

My question as I finish the book ... who is real?

This book was book talked by a fellow Librarian (we heart you Miss Jeri) and she recommended the app that accompanies this book.

Lizz's Category: Interactive YA Novel

Best Age Group: 14-18
Rating: A-

This app is pretty awesome and gives the book so many added layers to the book. The additions of animation and music make this book so much better! I was a little disappointed to see that it hadn't gotten many great reviews, I just think that people were unsure what to expect and maybe thought it was a game. But if you like the book, or any interactive novels, you'll love this app. 

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