Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Olympics Are Coming!

Nothing brings out National Pride in me like the Olympics!

I've been watching the trials to see who our team will be and I'm already so excited!!
Team USA Olympic Seal!
Anything you want to know about Team USA you can find on their website.
There are apps too! I'm excited to play with them ... I'll review them later on.

Between Philips and Lochte, I'm so excited to see the games this year! Swimming is always exciting for me anyway, but knowing that we have two of the best swimmers in the world on our team makes it that much better. 

The gymnasts are my other favorite. They are fun to watch and exciting! Love them, I'm actually watching the trials right now for the Fabulous Five Women's Team!

I will never forget watching Kerri Strug land in a broken ankle. Do you remember that?

What are your favorite olympic moments?

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