Saturday, April 21, 2012

Library Look: Strahov Monastery Library in Prague

I'm totally JEALOUS of my friend Gretchen who is on the trip of a lifetime in Austria right now. In fact, I  wouldn't be as jealous if I didn't know that she had invited me to join her ... and I turned her down because of school (insert a super sad face here). Sigh. Well, because she is a great friend, she has been providing me LOTS of pictures and, if I squint and put on my imagination hat, I can almost feel like I am there! 

Today she went to the Strahov Monastery Library in Prague and sent these great shots along to me. 

Copyright Gretchen Pinkston 2012

Copyright Gretchen Pinkston 2012

For those not in the know, the Strahov Monastery Library was started in 1149. They hold the largest photography collection in the world and have more than 125,000 books (according to Frommer's).

The Strahov Monastery Library website has lots of information about the history of the building and the collection, in addition to all the details on visiting. 

I'm adding this to my list of libraries to visit someday. Too bad I'm not there right now!!

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