Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

 The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan - if you can judge a book by its cover, I think this might be more intense/scary than the books I normally ready. But, I'm looking forward to it! 

The far left is the Hardcover, and the other is the Softcover. Not sure why they went with two different themes and two different girls. But I'll try and ignore it.

According to IMDB, they are making a movie which will come out in 2013. 

Until there is a movie anything, we will have to settle for the book trailer

So the book trailer has won some awards, and it is no wonder ... this is excellent!
The BEST I've seen or posted. Now I'm off to read, so see y'all later!

April 25th

Book FINALLY CAME IN!! I thought I had gotten it last week when I originally posted this ... but it is here now! 

So excited to start this ... just as soon as I'm done at work!

April 26th

The start of this book is a little intense. I feel like I don't really know the characters yet, I don't know how they feel about what is going on (which I don't like - makes me feel disconnected) - however it is a pretty exciting start! I'm only three chapters in and I want to know more; how do they survive there? how big is it? how many people are there? do they know of others elsewhere?

Hopefully my questions will be answered as soon as I can get back to this!

April 30th

I wish I didn't have homework and all I had to do was read and blog!!

The book has gotten so good! Mary, our protagonist, has lost her mother and father and then her brother turned her out. Being left in a small village with no other place to go, she has to join the sisterhood, although she has stopped believing in God. That is the basis of the story, but then so much more starts to happen! Secret passages, the possibilities that there is something more, a boy she loves being brought in after being attacked ... 

I'm not quite a third of the way through and I love that I don't know what is going on. It is when an author puts you on the edge of your seat that you really want to keep reading. Right now the characters aren't really that gripping. I wish Ms. Ryan would spend a little more time telling me about Mary - but maybe that will come. Off to read!

May 1st

I know, it is taking me forever to read this!

It is getting more exciting ... but in several chapters not much has changed.

May 16th

So, I gave up. It sorta got more exciting ... there was mystery and some action ... but I didn't care. I didn't care what happened to Mary, nothing was going her way at all and she seemed unaffected by it. She is kind of flat.
I had too many questions, no enough answers, and I didn't care about the protagonist ... I returned it to the library, maybe I'll try again later. 

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