Saturday, October 19, 2013

Book Review: The Bitter Kingdom

 The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson

October 19th

TBH: The Bitter Kingdom, you really are cool and Elisa and I used to be really close friends. We should hang out more, so, like, yeah.

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself - to be honest, I don't like To Be Honest videos)

So this book comes in and I'm so excited I could hardly work ... and then I didn't get into it as quickly as I wanted to. It is totally selfish, it isn't that Carson has lost her knack for writing or that this book isn't as intriguing as the others - no, it is because I miss Hector (sheesh, think of how Elisa must feel). I'm sure that we are building up to something exciting, but right now I wish this whole first part was over because I'm ready for the reunion. 

In this book Carson employs a technique that I didn't like with the last Twilight book, but I'm actually enjoying a little here ... this is that some chapters are written from Hector's point of view.

Okay, I'll stop wasting time here and go finish this book. I think part of the reason I'm dragging my feet is because I've loved this series and am sad it is ending. There isn't even hope for a forth book - the tag line is, "The conclusion to The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy" ... sad day. 

I need to finish this quickly because I have an overdue interlibrary loan that I haven't even started yet - I'm such a bad librarian!

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