Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dreaming Awake by Gwen Hayes

Dreaming Awake
by Gwen Hayes

If you don't remember I read Falling Under twice … accidentally. I started it and I kept thinking it felt so familiar as I read. So, funny story, I actually picked up the book a third time, as I started to read the book I laughed. Obviously that book needs a better title because I can't seem to remember that I've read it. Anyway, I grabbed the sequel to appease my subconscious need to read more Gwen Hayes.

Now, here we have the reason I don't love the second book of a series. The excitement and hold-your-breath-romance from the first book has usually been summed up which means that this new book has to build it all over again, with characters you already know. Sigh. 

Theia still has a great name, great friends, and a demon boyfriend who is gorgeous and perfectly sweet. Oh, now he is fighting the urge to not make out with her at every moment and she has demon blood. One other thing, Mara, his demon and oh-so-scary mother is dating Theia's perfectly proper father. But this is all like a sitcom, where is the drama, where is the excitement, what is really "happening" in this book?? The whole story feels so slow moving and it isn't enough for me. 

On a whole other point, why does little goodie two shoes Theia use the word "shag"? That is slang for having sex, I understand, and it is what she is talking about. But I don't imagine a character who blushes when someone mentions lingerie or refuses to talk about any aspect of a relationship as one to use slang like that. I feel like it is simply a trope to use "British vernacular" to up Theia's exoticness.

Who will like this book: If you liked the first one you will probably enjoy this sequel. If you like paranormal romance like anything else I've read recently - this is a good series to pick up.

How much did I like this … 6/10 (but it is really because I don't enjoy sequels, not because it wasn't a good book)

Will I read more? More Gwen Hayes? Yes. More of this series? No, probably not.

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