Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dear Ms. Rowling,

In my last open letter to you, Ms. Rowling, I was rather harsh. However, as women are apt to do, I'd like to take a completely different tone with you today. This is a tone of praise for reminding how magical and enchanting the world you created is. Tonight I treated myself with the pleasure of reading your new ... what shall we call it? The news has said it is a short story, but it is more then that, it is a look into the world we love so much.

This is my wand - surprisingly swishy ;)
I love how you were able to take a most detestable character, Rita Skeeter, and turn her into the narrator of a story that made me smile all the way through. Of course, Ginny is there as well, telling us all about what is the most exciting Quidditch World Cup Final between Bulgaria and Brazil. She told me everything I wanted to know in her very Rita like way. Although she is terrible and dislikable and totally dishonest, I could picture exactly what Dumbledore's Army looked like as they watched the match.

Now Ms. Rowling, I know that your people have said this is the LAST time you'll write about these characters, but didn't you say that the last time? I'll keep holding out that one day you'll write another novel and bring us another tale from about Harry Potter and the wonderful world of magic we all love.

Your Devoted Fan,


P.S. For readers who haven't read the short story yet, savor it over at You'll need to log in, but I highly suggest it so you too can attend your sorting. If you're in my house look me up (even if you aren't), I'm BloodSpirit26167. Oh, by the way, I'm in Gryffindor ... it was that or Ravenclaw, but the Sorting Hat let me choose :)

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