Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Book Review: Prudence

Why did I pick it up:  I read a couple other of Gail's books and they were fun reads, so I thought this one would be too ;)

Summary: Prudence, Rue to anyone she likes, and her best friend Primrose are bound for adventure. In Rue's new dirigible, that is a flying ship that Rue names the Spotted Custard (because she's just practical like that), they are destined for India with two annoying men and a ship full of capable staff. But Rue isn't one to shirk excitement and get herself involved in everything she shouldn't.  

Genre: Steampunk Fantasy 

Favorite Character: Rabiffano 

Suggested Age Range: 9th+

Diversity Represented: None? I'm not sure, none that I remember 

Romance: Not really, but at the same time yes ... 

The Good:  I really loved these characters. Rue is fun, flighty, and feminine ... she's always disorganized, dysfunctional ... and a hot mess. Primrose is ready to hold everything together as the best friend is expected to. Rabiffano is hot, mysterious, annoying, and fantastic. Percy is a nerdy bookworm with no social skills. They were all so much fun to read about and get to know. I love well-developed characters and these one did not leave me disappointed. 

The Bad:  The plot was ... barely existent and what did exist I didn't really care about. How the characters responded to the plot was so much more interesting than what was actually happening. We needed more - the characters needed more to react to and the reader needs more plot to keep their interest. 

The Bitter Truth: Great characters (makes me almost want to read book two), but lack-luster plot makes this an average read. 

How much did I like it?  *** (three stars)

Book Bingo:  none

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