Saturday, February 23, 2019

Book Review: Kingdom of Ash

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five stars. All the stars. Let's borrow stars from other reviews ... they didn't deserve them. Am I gushing? Well, it is appropriate.

This book, the completion to this story, was beyond extraordinary. With the exception of Harry Potter, I really never stick with long series. But this, this was another story entirely.

Because I want to avoid spoilers in my reviews, let's sing the praises of Sarah J Maas instead.

Storyline: The MASTER has arrived and her name is Sarah. It isn't that this specific title has earned the reward ... but rather the story arch from the Throne of Glass days coming to a competition that brought CHILLS several times.

Artful emotions: It is rare that a book makes you FEEL things. No only did I have chills TWICE, but I laughed, I cried, I'm not even kidding. I shed real, actual tears in this book. The balance of emotion was incredible, just like life, something terrible would happen, but when something beautiful happened you really felt it. Joy can be felt BECAUSE of the pain (someone says that in the book, I meant to write it down, but I was busy reading - I think it was Chaol).

Balance of Power: This isn't a woman saving everyone. This isn't a man saving a woman. This is everyone working together to save their whole world. I love that sometimes Aelin needs Rowan to be her strength. But sometimes Aelin destroys everything in their way. I love that sometimes the Fae Males are sweet and loving and doting on the women in their lives, but other times they are arguing against them when it comes to battle plans. There are a lot of love stories, but the way they balance out in their "real lives" is really beautifully shown on the page.

PACING: I'm not pacing, but the book's actual pacing was incredible. As we started into battle I read faster, as they were resting and comfortable I read slower. I didn't necessarily choose to do this, but it was rather the pacing of the book. Sentences get shorter, paragraphs are smaller. It just MOVES quicker while you are reading it.

There were so many times in this book I had to just set it down. There was a kind of pain that is hard to describe as all the storylines start to intertwine and you can feel the story coming to a close. That's why this incredible book took me a week and a half to read (I'm so behind on my reading goal, let's not talk about it). It was SO good, but I wanted to take my time. I didn't want to rush to the end. I wanted to enjoy every sentence. Every little quip between Rowan and Aelin. Every time Manon was the amazing, fierce diva she is. Every time Irene brought joy to someone. I wanted to enjoy it all.

If you haven't read this series yet, start now! Don't start with the prequel, wait until after book 3. Seriously, it gives things away that are better to let develop over time. Keep reading my friends!

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