Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Read: The Crown of Embers

Okay, so I'm a librarian with no time to read - it really is shameful. I mean, I do read. I read picture books and hi-lo all day long. But to sit down and curl up with a great book, nope, not time for that. 

However, give me a really great book. I mean a REALLY great book, and I can't ignore it for long. I actually got this one almost two weeks ago, right when NaNoWriMo started. I decided I couldn't start reading it yet because I needed to focus on writing, not reading. 

Deep breath. I couldn't ignore it forever - plus I'm doing great on my word count - so I deserved a reward and this is such a great one!

If you haven't read book one, reading my review for book 2 will give so much away. Don't take this great adventure away from yourself, go get The Girl of Fire and Thorns now!

 The Crown on Embers
by Rae Carson

You'll remember that I devoured the first book, The Girl of Fire and Thorns, in a matter of moments. Elisa is the perfect character. She has Hermione and Katniss in her - plus some spunk of her own (this is a massive complement from me, by the way, no one is as awesome as those two girls and Elisa is a mix!). 

You'll be able to look at my reading list and notice that I don't like sequels. They are dull, unimaginative. The good stuff was the first story and everything else is extra now. This book, this book is nothing like that. From the first page I was pulled back into Elisa's world.

November 21st

I started this book over breakfast, bad plan, my cereal was completely soggy by the time I remembered it. Elisa is home and safe. It is her birthday - seventeen (did a whole year pass in the last book? nope, it has been about five months) and that deserves a parade. Trust me, Hector is concerned about her safety (awww ... heart him!) and he has every right to be, because in the first couple of pages they are attacked. Of course, and the excitement only starts there. 

The big news? Well, she might be queen, but even her council doesn't respect this from her. Instead they suggest she either step down or ... get married. They are drawing up a list of possible candidates. Bet you know who I want to be on that list :)

November 25th

I actually finished this yesterday, but maybe my shock was too much to write a blog post. I now remember why I didn't pick up the book - it is memorizing and hard to put down. I didn't take it with me on Thanksgiving to my family dinner because I didn't want to be "that girl" whose nose was in a book the whole time. Excitement on every turn, things that break your heart and things that make your heart smile.
1. I totally love Hector more than ever, especially after the beach!
2. Elisa is the strongest person I know, I'd be curing up in a ball and crying right now!
3. This book couldn't have ended better.
4. I seriously cannot wait for the second book to come out, Rae Carson, how do I get an advanced copy???? I'm dying over here!!

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