Thursday, November 1, 2012

Na No Wri Mo Begins!!

Na No Wri Mo is the National November Writing Month where writers all over the world take the goal of 50,000 words (or set their own goal) and try to complete it in one month. 

I'd like my goal to be 80,000 words, ideally, because that is the standard length of a YA Novel. However, I also know that this is almost the impossible task as it is, so I'm shooting for 50,000!

I've "cheated" and began writing this past weekend to give myself a head start - I know that I'll be busy this month and I don't want to get discouraged!

Today I'll be working on some character sketches as well as an outline.

What I can tell you right now is that there are two characters: Jenna and Elliott. Jenna is sixteen and was back in the dinky town where she grew up for a funeral. Elliott was Jenna's brother's best friend and seeks answers above all else. 
The book is a twist on the dystopian theme that seems to be everywhere right now.

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