Sunday, November 18, 2012

Excited for The Hobbit?

Even the most discerning of nerdy girls and guys usually love at least one franchise. I love several, but they aren't all the point. The point is -- LORD OF THE RINGS. There might be just one ring to rule them all, but there are a million fan sites, costumes, and franchise lovers out there to support it. 

One of the coolest I've seen so far is this awesome video of a guy with totally balloon talent, an understanding family, and like 40 hours of free time on his hands.

Now that is fan dedication!

Need some Hobbit themed things to obsess over between now and the movie release?

Check out this website and see what a true fangirl/fanboy looks like.
(Warning, I am very few things on this list - don't be discouraged)

This is just here because Sam is my absolute favorite character in the LOTR! A true, honest friend. 

How do you prepare for the movie? Re-read the book? Re-watch the series? Twiddle your thumbs in anticipation? I like this artwork for the film - looks appropriately dark.

Movie Trailer and the Official Website if you've missed it somehow.
I LOVE the music that plays when you open the website. It is peaceful and serene, but reminds me of how sad Froddo's journey is and how things are never the same after an adventure. 

While on the official site be sure to answer some of gollum's riddles. Just a tip, the answers are in all caps, so your guesses need to be also :)

Now, when you need a LOTR Meme (or other goodie), where do you go? I love these ones!!

And if you don't understand why I'm writing any of this ... then this one is for you :)

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