Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Review: Shadow and Bone

This book was already on my list of "to-reads" when it came into the library. But it was put in the children's department and I was confused. Is this a children's book or YA fiction? What are the differences? 

Well, as a fairly judgmental person, I was like, do I want to read this now I know it is a kid's book? Totally glad I picked it up anyway, I'm really not sure it is in the right section. Oh well, let's discuss this in the discussion comments.

November 26th
(I'd just like to point out it is my birthday and it is always so funny writing that date)

As I mentioned I didn't have a lot of faith in this book to be fantastic. However, I started it last night after I reached 43753 words in my NaNoWriMo goal :) ... the book is fantastic (this one, not the one I'm writing, I'm not sure about that one yet)!! From the first pages to page 167 (which is as far as I read last night), I'm on the edge of my seat! 

Things I want to know
1. I want to know what happened that first day in the "Before"
2. Where did the scar come from (see above?)
3. What does The Darkling look like, I mean, really look like

Things I love
1. That Alina is honest with her feelings
2. That The Darking feels like he is right in between Anikin and Darth. 
3. That it is suddenly trendy to make non-beautiful female protagonists :)

November 26th - continued

So, I finished the book in a 24 hour period of time - that is how captivating this book is.

Things I Know
1. The prologue "after" sucked, what was that all about? That does not make me excited to read the next book. That sounded dull. Everything was tied up in such a neat little package.
2. That Mal is pretty awesome and totally a teenaged boy
3. That this is a totally unique storyline, nothing is like this - but it is fantastic.

Why I Want to Read the Next Book
1. Obviously I need to see what happens to both Mal and Alina.
2. I want to know the Darkling's name
3. Does light win over darkness?

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