Monday, August 5, 2013

Book Review: Siege and Storm

August 5

Curling up with a sequel is like ... well, actually, I don't like sequels. No matter how good the first book was, unless you are starting the sequel the moment you finish the first book, you start out feeling a bit lost. I it is like trying to recall a dream. I know these people, what was their story again? What were the emotions this ended on? Sigh. 

Lucky for me, I blogged about Shadow and Bone, so if you also need a refresher, you can read that (I did, it was helpful). 

Let me walk you through the first chapter. Here is Alina, boarding on feeling sorry for herself and leaving work. There is Mal, looking as delicious as ever (as EVERYONE has noticed), but he only has eyes for one girl. I feel back in step with this novel with only a mere misstep at the beginning. However, in a less than twenty pages the book takes off, the Darkling is back, there will be no happy Alina and Mal chapters. Not only do I already dislike the Darkling, but he is back with new tricks. 

August 5 ... continued

Well, Leigh Bardugo certianly knows how to suck me into a book. I finished the first title in under 24 hours, but I think this one will take longer (I did have to go to work today, after all). Wowza, what a story though!

Oh, and I totally love it when an author responds to my tweets!!

August 6th

Ummmm, you know how Mal is awesome? Maybe this other guy is slowly gaining ground on Mal. I mean, he is pretty awesome and princely and has more emotional depth than Mal (or maybe I just like him more). He is charming and wonderful. 

Other than that guy - the book has taken so many twists and turns that I'm surprised I got any sleep last night. It is wonderful and exciting and I'm going to go keep reading. I'll post the finished review tomorrow! (I can finish as soon as I'm done with this rerun of Gossip Girl!)

August 7th

You know how Blair originally loved Nate, but she actually belonged with Chuck (keep up, I'm on a Gossip Girl kick) -- that is sort of how I feel right now about Alina, Mal, and the Prince. Sigh.

August 9th

Wowza, that is how I feel about this book! That ending, the whole part before the ending, I've said it before, Ms. Bardugo weaves a fantastic tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat and ends with you wanting more. I'm totally pulled in two directions - do I want Alina to end up with Mal? Love triangles (haha, this one is nearly a square) make books go around.

I don't think that I've loved a sequel since Catching Fire and this one was at least as good as the first. Awesome, fabulous, I can't wait for Number 3 in 2014.

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