Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

September 1st

Now, as much as I enjoyed the Angel/fallen angel/human component that was Falling. Under, Hush, Hush blew me away. My review doesn't even have parts, I read almost the whole thing in one sitting (who says sleep is important).

Nora is your average teenage girl. She has a best friend, a crazy Biology teacher, a working mom who is gone almost all of the time. However, her life quickly goes from normal to crazy by being biology partners with a fearsome, untrustworthy, inappropriate guy. Even though he is a jerk 80% of the time, Nora is still drawn to him. Even though Vee doesn't like him and tries to set Nora up with someone else, Nora is still drawn to him. Even when Nora feels like she could be going crazy, Nora is drawn to him. This can't end well.

Patch is pretty mysterious, in fact, for the first 2/3 of the year, no one has really heard him say anything.  Tall, dark, and brooding, he does seem to know aLOT about our girl from the very beginning. His fuse his short and he plays this hot and cold game that it is his favorite sport. In the first chapter I though Patch was the love-interested. In the next chapters I thought he was the enemy. Now I feel like I'm going a little crazy.

Okay, so this story may seem like all of the others. In one aspect the storyline is very similar to Falling Under. However, there are so many layers. So many people I don't know if I can trust. Just as I'm starting to think someone is the "good guy," they come along and do something terrible. This story isn't just about angels/fallen angels/humans interacting - no, there is another whole crazy storyline thrown in on top for good measure. I won't give too much away, but it really has some great twists & turns, and as soon as you start to get comfortable, rely on Becca Fitzpatrick to pull the run out from under you.

Oh, and before I go, kudos to Hush, Hush for extending out the romance. It was such a relief to not guess who the good guy was from the first page and for the first kiss to come so far into the book. It made for SUCH a great read.

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