Saturday, September 12, 2015

Book Review: A Darker Shade of Magic

Why Did I Pick It Up: I got a free audio book from a bookclub I'm in
Genre: Fantasy/Historical

Reminds Me Of ... nothing really, it was really different then what I normally read

Favorite Character: Kell ... because he is charming, a loner, yet doesn't really want to be those things

Suggested Age Range: High school

Romance: None, but maybe in the future

The Good:  So there are four Londons - Gray London, Red London, White London, and Black London

A Traveler can move between these worlds and deliver messages to the other monarchies. Kell is one such Traveler. Using tokens like coins and his own blood he can move from one world into the next.

Then there is a girl who dresses as a boy because being a girl and of a lower class leaves few options for her. Still, her options are running out ... she is brave, conniving, and smart, but still fragile if someone would just notice. Pair the two of them up and they are quite the team. 

The world building in this book is amazing, I feel like I understand, I recognize places, I can see them in my minds eye. The characters, although limited for a fantasy novel, are rich and complex. This book expertly balanced between setting the scene, running the plot, and developing the characters. Now, I am a HUGE fan of YA Fantasy, but if this is what I can expect from *grown up* Fantasy (because adult fantasy just sounds dirty) then I'm all in. 

The Bad: I have a hard time with audio books, sometimes I want to read faster, other times slower ... sometimes I want to re-read parts. I feel like I miss things when I just listen. So I might read the book when the next book comes out, just as a refresher and to catch up on whatever I missed.

The beginning of this book is slow, delicious, but slow.

I usually don't connect with books that don't have either characters I love right from the beginning or some sort of romance, but somehow here is was okay. Although I wasn't as obsessed with this book as I am with others I read, I can't think of anything I actually didn't like.

The Bitter Truth: If you like fantasy, you have to read about Kell and Lila and these four Londons. Be prepared to not put the book down. 

Who will love this book? Lovers of Fantasy ... I haven't read others like it some I'm not sure about other recommendations. 

How much did I like it? 9/10

Will I read more? Yes, I can't wait

Bingo 2015: none

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