Monday, February 8, 2016

Obsession Runs Deep; or, What is a Book Boyfriend?

So there is this boy, and I'm totally obsessed with him. Nope, we haven't dated, we haven't even met ... this boy is a character. Not a character like a joke and not just a character, mind you, he isn't "just" anything, but when I read about him on the page my heart flutters and I have a serious case of the "I LOVE YOUs."

My list of favorite Book Boyfriends is further down

This boy pops up from time to time, I lovingly call him my "Book Boyfriend" and although he takes on a different name and lives in a different place, I can always recognize him from that sly smile, those mischievous eyes, the loving care he gives to the female protagonist while being a bit of a jerk to everyone else. Yes, that's my book boyfriend, yours might look a little different, but there are so many we can all have our choice.

First, let's define a book boyfriend. Unlike a flesh and blood boyfriend, this guy isn't taking you out to dinner and a movie. No, a book boyfriend is one you fall in love with on the page. He might not be "real" but the feelings are. A book boyfriend checks all the boxes on your list and even when he screws up, he usually makes it good in the end.

I think this all started because, really, boys in books are just better. You don't have to clean up after them, listen to excuses, and they don't forget your birthday. A Book Boyfriend is the guy in the book that you want to end up with. He is dreamy and makes your heart beat a little faster. Girls (and boys) who don't read are really missing out.

Whatever they say or do I'm just like

But then the end comes and I'm like

So, who are my favorite book boyfriends? Check out these lovely boys (links to Goodreads):

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