Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Unicorn Items for your Wish List

Who loves UNICORNS? Oh my goodness, these magical creatures are one of my biggest obsessions right now. Here are ten items on my wish list.

Unicorn Mug from ModernMud. Seriously, everything they make is SO cute, but these mugs seriously give me the I WANTS. $135

Unicorn Crochet Pattern. Oh, I do love crochet adorableness! This pattern is seriously cute and I think I need to make something awesome! $5

Unicorn Horn Candy. Rock candy is so delicious (total sweet tooth over here) and these would be so fun for your next unicorn themed party, or, you know, Wednesday. $22

Unicorn Macarons. Six adorable cookie creatures? Can these even be called cookies, I mean, they are awfully magical. $20

Unicorn Bow. I need this STAT! Honestly, it's in my Etsy cart right now. $7

Unicorn Head Wall Mount. Do you need to do some magical redecorating? Start here because this is fantastical! $84

Unicorn Inflatable. I know it is super cold and awful right now in most of the world ... but I'd be willing to sit on this in my living room this January. $70

Magical Unicorn Glitter Glass Globe Ring. I need this. I NEED this. Magical unicorn ring for my finger. Yaaasssss! $56

Unicorn Whipped Soap with Shea Butter. Oh goodness, make your sink more magical with this amazing soap. Seriously. LOVE. $5

Unicorn Shower Head. I don't know if this is awesome or horrifying, but I'd definitely wake up looking at this in the morning. $25

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