Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Book Review: After Alice

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Strange, delightfully strange. If you are a lover of Wonderland and all the stories that go along with this, you'll adore this story by master-storyteller Gregory Maguire. If, however, you aren't much of a fan and don't know the real, original version (aka, not Disney but Lewis Carroll), you might feel a tad bit lost.

At the beginning I was a smidge annoyed, feeling like Ada's adventure into Wonderland was simply a retelling of Alice's adventure. Even worse, Ada is an unfortunate character with all sorts of physical issues and a total lack of imagination. I nearly stopped reading. Obviously Ada's adventure was going to tire me out.

However, bouncing back and forth to the "real world" and Wonderland made the journey feel so much more realistic. After all, not that much was happening, but it was only a mere afternoon.

I suppose Alice's original journey was much the same, but it felt longer.

I digress. Although Ada isn't much of a stellar character at the beginning, she definitely grows on you and becomes quite the heroine. In fact, the end was a bit delightful.

The book isn't long, but was fun. I enjoyed it.

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