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Book Review: The Gilded Wolves

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"You know you've read a good book when you turn to the last page and feel a little as if you've lost a friend" - Paul Sweeney

So people spent the better part of six weeks prior to this book's release telling me how much I was going to like it because it was SO much like Six of Crows.

So I got it. And then I didn't start it. When people tell me a book is going to be amazing, I usually end up hating it. Then people were saying it was like Ace of Shades which was okay, but not really comparable to Six of Crows. So I avoided it some more.

I finally started it and ... I LOVED it. So, thanks everyone, you were right.

Is Gilded Wolves a rip off of Six of Crows? I'm not sure I'd use those words ... but yes.

Severin is a more thought version of Kaz, but still that hard, stand-off-ish leader who feels invincible and won't allow himself another broken heart.

Laila is just as fierce and queenly as Inej, although she does embrace her "mothering" responsibilities a little more. And the awkwardness between her and Severin is no reminicient of Kaz/Inej.

Enrique is clearly Jasper in every way. From his bad habbits to his unique tastes. However, Jasper knows what he wants and Enrique is a little more lost.

Hypnos is Wyland, someone with so much to loose, but who is bored of his glamorous life and decides to join a street gang.

Tristan is Mathias, loyal, honest, sweet, and a little confused. He wants to do the right thing more than any of the others.

The only character this breaks down with is Zofia who is decidedly NOT Nina. Zofia is such a refreshingly unique character she quickly became my favorite. Her clinical way of approaching each situation provides so much to the story because it is just a fresh idea.

Now, with all these similiarities you are probably wondering why I still have this five stars. Well, it might be a lot like Six of Crows, but I LOVE Six of Crows and I loved this one too.

Their quest is all their own and the plot is complex enough to really pull you in. Plus, there is enough character development to help the reader forget that these characters are different then the ones we read about before.

Severin wants to regain his place as the head of a household, but his quest puts him and his friends in so much danger that it might not be worth it. Except, it's all he can think about. In fact, his obsession clouds his best judgement, at least I hope it does otherwise he is king of making some really bad choices.

The world building is a little lacking, but I was willing to forgive it. In fact, I am really hoping for a prequel book that talks about how the hotel was Forged and that could go into some more of the magical rules that this fantasy world has.

Overall I REALLY enjoyed it and I can't wait for the next one ... next year.

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