Friday, June 22, 2012

Library School Broke My Brain

    The first week I started at my local public library and I told my favorite childhood librarian I had been accepted to the grads schools I'd applied to, she told me, "library school broke my brain." It was funny at the time, but after graduating last week (wait, let me way that again in case you missed it, I GRADUATED LAST WEEK), so after graduating last week I have to agree with her. My brain feels a little weak, a little mushy, a little deflated. 
   What a feeling it is to be done though! I could put away laundry! I could pick up a book to read just because I wanted to! I could clean out my car! (I know, my life isn't that exciting). 
    This weekend I'm getting prepared for a lovely party with all of my friends and those who have been there for me while I, in-between nervous breakdowns, earned my Masters.
    So, keep your ears and eyes pealed for a fabulous job and I'll be here, blogging away. I have so much fun stuff planned for this summer I hope everyone will be entertained.
In the mean time, here are some graphics to keep you satisfied. They pretty much represent how I've felt the past 15 months. 

The images came from Pinterest or PHD Comics 

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