Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Review: Glitter by Aprilynne Pike

Outside the palace of Versailles, it’s modern day. Inside, the people dress, eat, and act like it’s the eighteenth century—with the added bonus of technology to make court life lavish, privileged, and frivolous. The palace has every indulgence, but for one pretty young thing, it’s about to become a very beautiful prison.
When Danica witnesses an act of murder by the young king, her mother makes a cruel power play . . . blackmailing the king into making Dani his queen. When she turns eighteen, Dani will marry the most ruthless and dangerous man of the court. She has six months to escape her terrifying destiny. Six months to raise enough money to disappear into the real world beyond the palace gates.
Her ticket out? Glitter. A drug so powerful that a tiny pinch mixed into a pot of rouge or lip gloss can make the wearer hopelessly addicted. Addicted to a drug Dani can sell for more money than she ever dreamed.
But in Versailles, secrets are impossible to keep. And the most dangerous secret—falling for a drug dealer outside the palace walls—is one risk she has to take.

Favorite Character: none

Suggested Age Range: 9th grade and up (holy drug use Batman)

Diversity Represented: A main character that is gay, but that isn't really a featured part of the story. 

Romance: Yes

I'm shipping: The King and Dani, because honestly, they deserve each other. 

The Good:  So Dani witnesses something horrible, and her equally horrible mom uses that to engage her to a  almost-psychotic king. He might not be that bad, but he is so full of himself ... I digress, this is supposed to be the "good" bit. Dani has a couple of good friends and seems to be a genuinely good person at the beginning of the story. Although it sucks to have to be married to the crazy king ... is it really worth ruining everyone else's lives?
It was a really great storyline, totally unique and weirdly interesting. It is modern day, but in they dress in 17th century clothes and follow those traditions. That part made the book an interesting read - and is what got me to the end. 

The Bad: Dani is a jerk. I mean, she has access to a drug, thinks only of her self, gets everyone addicted. I was actually hoping something horrible would happen to make her stop. The romance bit was terrible - Saber wasn't a really likable guy and his "secret" was lamely presented.   

The Bitter Truth: Glitter is a drug that Danica mixes into cosmetics and secretly sells to everyone forcing them to become addicted in hopes that she will be able raise enough money to buy her freedom. So, yeah, if a selfish protagonist interests you, then read this book. 

How much did I like it?  *** (a unique storyline saved this review)

Book Bingo: An Audio Book

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