Monday, January 5, 2015

Book Review: Flutter

by Gina Linko

Tweet Synopsis: Emery is having seizures but she might be traveling into the future then there is a boy, and her father #messy

Why Did I Pick It Up:
It was suggested by a young patron who didn't like one of my favorite books, I thought that by reading a book she likes I might be able to better recommend books to her.

The Good:
Here is a unique premise - Emery longs to be a "normal" girl and go to school, hang friends, and take dance classes. However, Emery cannot be a normal girl because Emery travels into the future ... well, her father and the "team" says she is having seizures. 

There is this exciting plot line and some mysteries that keep you on the edge of your seat until ... they don't. See later sections. 

The Bad:
The writing is ... weak. Sentence structure has some problems, word usage is lacking a certain je ne se quoi, and there were times I actually groaned while reading. I know this is a YA novel, but I thought we, as a reading community, had decided that teens should have quality reading materials? Where are the good editors when we need them? 

The Ugly: 
Okay, so there is this great underlying mystery that I was pretty sure I had figured out (and was totally proud of myself) and then, without any warning, there is the answer to the mystery. Revealed at random. Without no leading up to it, no pomp, no circumstance. Just flat, on the page, middle of a sentence. It was like the author had forgotten it was a secret. 

I was SO disappointed! No clues, no suspecting that the main character was figuring it out? One minute she has no clue and the next she totally knows the answer. ICK! Terrible. Let me cry in pain. 

Who will love this book? 
Okay, I think my patron liked this book because the romance is straight forward and the characters act exactly the way to expect them to. The best friend is awesome, the dad is terrible, and the guy is totally patient with a totally awkward girl. Maybe this is what teens are looking for, but I hate predictable characters. 

Who else will love the book? My patron likes fairy tale retellings, especially ones by Gail Carson Levine and other YA romance books. This is a supernatural romance. If you didn't like Cinder, I'd pick this one up, there might be a trend here. 

How much did I like it? 6/10

Will I read more? This is a stand alone book ... I think

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