Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reading Goals for 2017

So, have you set your reading goal for 2017? I like to track on GoodReads :) I find that setting a goal encourages me to read throughout the year - instead of doing something boring like watching more television (I used to never watch TV, I don't know what happened).

Anyway, this year I'm setting my reading goal at 80 books. It seems like A LOT, but after pretty easily reading 70 last year, I think that I can push myself with this challenge in 2017. Plus, I hear the 80's will be trending this year, so I'll jump on that bandwagon.

Do you set reading goals? Do they challenge you or discourage you? If you're looking for challenges to join, there is a great list on Girl XOXO linked below. 

In case you're thinking that there aren't even 80 books you want to read in 2017 (alas, I wish I had that problem), you can always check out these great lists:

Finally, I'm always looking for more friends on GoodReads and you can follow my 2017 reading goals and join in all of the fun (I'm in like 10 book clubs, it is awesome) over there if you haven't already.


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