Sunday, August 16, 2015

Book Review: Crown of Midnight

Why Did I Pick It Up: Because book one was so fantastic

Genre: Fantasy
Reminds Me Of ... nothing, that's party of why I love these, they don't remind me of anything else.

Favorite Character: Celaena
Suggested Age Range:
Romance: Yes
The Good: I tore through the first half of this book because I wanted the tension to subside and a couple characters to finally admit they liked each other. I love how it was handled, it was real, like real life. Beautifully done. 

These books really are amazing, excellent characters, living in a detailed world, woven into incredible storylines (several at ones, one mail, several secondary). I read one of these books and I feel like I'm there, smelling and feeling and seeing what Celaena smells, feels, and sees. The emotions are almost tangible and the reader is so involved in the book that they are real for us too. 

I won't go into the storyline to avoid spoilers, only know that it gets deliciously more complicated and is expertly crafted. 
The Bad: Well, while reading I hated how the romance was being handled. Trust me, I got over it, but about half way through the book I was having a really hard time not hating all of the characters. I guess that's what makes these books so good, you'll hate when you can't control the very human decisions everyone is making.

The Ugly: I can't even make something up to put here
Who will love this book? If you like historical based fantasy novels that are wonderfully written you'll love these - readers of Red Queen and The Grisha novels will be drawn to these.
How much did I like it? 9/10
Will I read more? Already did ;)
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