Sunday, August 16, 2015

Book Review: Dorothy Must Die

Tweet Synopsis: Sweet and innocent Dorothy Gale has caused some problems in Oz #dictator #problemchild #dorothymustdie 

Why Did I Pick It Up: I didn't have a book at home (gasp!) and it was available for eBook checkout

Genre: Fractured Fairy Tale/Fantasy

Reminds Me Of ... Wicked, but not nearly as good as that series

Favorite Character: The rat ... did he have a name? I don't remember.

Suggested Age Range: Middle School

Romance: Light

The Good: I love the Wizard of Oz. The movie, the music, the book, the characters, the story, most retellings ... I love it all. I should have looked on GoodReads first and realized that most people who love the story, didn't like this book. Alas, I did not. 

The story is a unique perspective, not as unique as Wicked, but still unique. I liked the individuality of the Munchkins, the awesomeness of the Wicked Witches and not knowing who I should trust. 

The Bad: Everything in this book is a cliche. Enter Amy, dull name for a dull girl. Her pink hair, trailer park home, drug addict mom, and terrible life are all such a cliche. She has no friends, she is bullied by a stereotypical mean girl, and her trailer is lifted up in a tornado (actually, that was kinda funny, but still a cliche). 

She has a rat who reminded me of Scabbers (that's from Harry Potter for all you Muggles out there). He could have been the most interesting character and we spent so much time with him at the beginning, but about half way through he became an after thought. This made me think, who was the editor of this story? Do they still have a job?

Where Wicked took the story of the Wizard of Oz and made it more - built on the epic story and made the world richer, fuller ... gave us another side of the story that we could see and enjoy, Dorothy Must Die took a great story and made it small. The changes were too big to really work - fans of the book probably won't enjoy this story. 

The Ugly: I had to force myself to finish this book - it was just dull. Nothing happened that I didn't expect, the characters were flat, the plot was thin, and I like Dorothy and I don't like to imagine her dressing like a prostitute and being evil ... that just doesn't match up with the sweet, innocent Dorothy that is in my mind. 

Who will love this book? If you don't like the Wizard of Oz and you like fractured fairy tales, you'll probably like this (from what I read on GoodReads). 

How much did I like it? 4.5/10 

Will I read more? No!

Bingo 2015: None

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