Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book Review: Flunked

Why Did I Pick It Up: Such a cute cover and sweet concept  

Genre: Fractured Fairy Tale

Reminds Me Of ... other Fractured Fairy Tales ... 

Favorite Character: Gilly

Suggested Age Range: I would say like 3rd-6th, we have this as a YA book and I think it would do much better with a younger audience. 

Romance: None

The Good: This is a super cute book about evil villains who are reforming themselves in to upstanding citizens. The princesses are the mean girls (which reminds me a little of Dorothy Must Die) and Gilly is a girl whose family lives in a shoe, with so many children they don't know what to do ... so she steals to help put food on the table. 

Alas, this lands Miss Gilly in hot water with the law and she is shipped quickly (not quick enough for her parents it would seem) to reform school. 

She makes friends who are good friends, there are bad guys and you aren't quite sure who to trust, it is a roller coaster. 

The Bad: The storyline seems a little weak for the intended audience, but it could just be that we don't have it in the right place at our library. The "dark" parts aren't very dark, there is no romance, the characters are young, it seems like a great book for older elementary readers. 

The Ugly: I expected this to be a YA book, if I sit back and think of it as a Children's book it lands somewhere between Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Harry Potter. It is fun like the Harry Potter books, but has more of the literary quality of the Wimpy Kid books. This isn't bad, it just isn't going to win a Newbery and that is okay. 

Who will love this book? Female readers who like Harry Potter or other fantasy books, the cover resembles books like 13 Candles so your readers who judge books by their covers might be drawn to this one. I think that girl who like 

How much did I like it? 7/10

Will I read more? No

Bingo 2015: Fairy Tale Retelling

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