Tuesday, April 24, 2012

City of Fallen Angels

City of Fallen Angels
by Cassandra Clare

After all of the brother/sister/best friend/slutty girls problems are over, the story blooms before our eyes. At first it might seem like the story is over, but it is far from it. I don't always love it when the tension of a love story has depleted, after all, in television when the main characters finally fall in love, the show is over. However, I think that Cassie handles it well here. The love triangle drama might be over, but family drama and problems between families and friends takes over. 
Simon becomes a problem in this book ... if you haven't read the series I won't give away what has happened to him, but his world starts to spiral and his dating life becomes a little crazy. Clary is always trying to warn him, but helping him cover things up gets her in trouble too.
I love how the descriptions in this book create this new world for the reader. The Downworlders, the council, it is all becoming real in your mind as you read.
Oh, don't worry, thinks aren't perfect for Jace and Clary, how boring would that be, there are no happy endings. But to see about this one you'll have to start reading!

Jace and Clary, image borrowed from Cassandra Clare's Tumblr Page

What would you be? If you had the choice? 

Me? A Warlock of course :)

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  1. I would want to be a shadowhunter - but I'm afraid I'd be a wimp :(