Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More thoughts on The Hunger Games

So, the buzz over The Hunger Games has settled into a dull roar, but I overheard an interesting conversation of some middle-schoolers last week. They were comparing having read the books to the movie and they all agreed that the books were so much better. Now if I were "that" library worker I probably would have put in my two cents about how the book is ALWAYS better, but I held my tongue and let them come to that conclusion on their own. 

However, even if the books are better (and, obviously, they are), the movie was still pretty great. Here are some more visual aids if you have already forgotten what you saw :)

Borrowed from The Mary Sue

Borrowed from Vanity Fair

Borrowed from Vanity Fair

Borrowed from Collider

Beyond the fun stuff, has anyone checked out these titles yet? I think the essays about The Hunger Games would be pretty interesting. I'm a little worried what sorts of recipes that cookbook would have though :)

Check it out at Amazon

Check it out on Amazon

All of the following are from the excellent Tumblr page of Risa Rodil 

Spoiler Alert!! Don't Continue (or look) if you don't want anything past the first book given away!

Are you Team Gale, Team Peeta, Team Katniss or Team I Don't Care? Leave a comment and vote!!

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