Saturday, April 21, 2012

City of Bones

Cassandra Clare's first book, City of Bones, creates the world of the Nephilium, or the Shadowhunters, who protect the "regular people" from magical entities getting out of control. 

Enter Clary, a girl who hasn't had the most glamourous life, but it has seemed ordinary enough (I'm sure her mother would be proud to know that). However, she is tied into an epic battle of magical entities that she cannot possibly understand and it changes her life - quickly! 
Enter Jace, a guy whose family life was a disaster, but has been taught to fight in true Shadowhunter form. He has a pretty sharp edge that keeps people away ... everyone but Clary.

It is an adventure, a love story, and a tour of parts of our world that could exist without us knowing. Ms. Clare sucks you in with this novel and doesn't let you know. The twist at the end nearly kills you so I suggest having the next book ready to go!

You'll want to run down to the library and get your name put on the list for this one now -- because it is going to be a movie!

Release date is August 23, 2013 ... which is a mere 488 days, 11717 hours, 703064 minutes or 42183890 seconds from the time of this post :)

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