Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm a little sensitive to the word UGLY, which is probably why I didn't start this series sooner. Before anyone suggests that these books say that you are UGLY without plastic surgery let me first point out that The Hunger Games is not suggesting that teenagers kill each other in an epic battle and The Uglies is not really promoting plastic surgery. (That was my soap box - I'm done now).

April 2nd

I've just started the book about a girl, Tally, who is an ugly, her best friend, Peris (a guy, of course) who is a pretty, and a new friend, Shay, who runs away from the whole system. Complications arise when in order to become a pretty, Tally must find Shay and force her to come back - otherwise she will stay an ugly forever. 

More updates to come as I finish reading :)

April 4th

I'm not finished but I like updates :) Poor dear Tally thought she was going to make the "right" decision after talking with her parents and Peris ... but then things got complicated. I'm as lost as Tally right now, and I don't know what decision I would make - do something that will work out well for me, or do something that will work out well for everyone else.

April 5th

Okay, so I'm a few pages from the end, and I've liked the adventure. However, the "love story" part is too cheesy. In fact, all of the relationships feel fake or plastic or annoying. I liked the story, I'll read the next one and it will hopefully get better.

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