Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Library Musings

It was kinda a long day at the library today, between Spring Break and lots of gorgeous weather - I'd probably be spending my time outside instead of in the library as well. That is, if I didn't have to work. Here are some pieces to cheer me up a little and remind me why I want to be a librarian.

Oh, my, that is HILARIOUS! It amazes me how little some people really know about the library. My favorite question: "How much does it cost to rent books?"

This picture sorta sums up my life, my life is built by books and they could probably tumble down on my in any moment. Wouldn't you love to come and play here?

Um, I am thinking there needs to be a party for when the DVD is released. So, I'll be making these cupcakes, and dressing up as Effie Trinket! Who is with me??

This library is both enchanting and horrifying at the same time. Someday, when the world has come to an end, will the libraries look like this? Falling apart, still full of books, yet filled with foliage? However, a library with a skylight and a tree growing in the center is also pretty awesome :) 

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